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Photo courtesy sTo Len

Shot on location during the snowstorm of February 2021, this interactive video work is a meditation on FreshKills’ past, present, and future through a dialogue the artist has with the Land herself. The film is broken into 12 parts that are dispersed throughout a 3D scan of the North Mound area. The viewer must virtually wander the landscape following in the snowshoe footprints of the artist in order to find all of the interconnected videos. Collapsing time and space, these interludes provide a dreamlike dérive that reflects on this complex monument and our ability of mending ecological wounds as well as creating them.


  1. Enter the 3D Space
  2. Make it full screen for optimal enjoyment.
  3. Take a look around and discover links.
  4. Click on each link to watch videos.
  5. Enter full screen and then return to the 3D space when the video is finished.
  6. Keep exploring until you have found all 12 videos.

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